Weed Accessories: Switching To Vape Pens

Weed Vape Pen
Source: Lamag

The cannabis industry like wholesaleextracts.co is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world that is fuelled by a variety of cannabis concentrates. The market is flooded with different types of vape pens, gadgets and weed products. If you are still using dry herbs, maybe it’s time to make the switch and start using the vape pens instead. According to a recent report, the sale of vape pens saw a steep rise of 69% in 2018 and the CBD vapes escalated to 105 percent in the same year.

Factors Responsible For The Switch

There are many factors that contribute to the switch to vape pens and interestingly, it’s not just the cannabis industry that is moving towards the vapes trend. There has been a drop in the sales of cigarettes and people are increasingly embracing the vaping culture. This shift is mostly due to the rapidly improving health concerns and the desire to quit inhaling smoke. As the vaporizers do not combust any tobacco or plant matter, there are no toxins or carcinogens getting into your lungs.

Unlike smoking, there are several other reasons that may be responsible for people turning to vaporizers. For the weed and marijuana users, discretion is an important factor when using it publicly and a vape gives them the portability and ease of use without letting anybody know. As you are not burning anything literally, there will be no smell emitting from the device and no one will be able to guess what is in your hands.

Furthermore, it is hard to tell the difference between a vape that contains nicotine and the one that contains THC. So, people who want the freedom to consume cannabis openly in public prefer to opt for the vape pens over joints. Also, people who are looking to get higher may prefer the models that come with higher THC concentrations. With so many different types of vape pens and weed accessories available, you get a wide range of options to choose from.

Different Types Of Vape Pens
  • Oil Cartridge Vape Pens – These pens are the most popular and prominent type that comes to the mind when you hear ‘vape’. These devices can take oil cartridges filled with a substance that is known as THC vape juice. It is a concentrated form of marijuana that comprises of flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids derived from the weeds. With the help of alcohol and carbon dioxide, the THC is then extracted in liquid form that is filled inside the vape pen. You can buy cannabis products such as refill cartridges at any marijuana store or online cannabis shop.
  • Herbal Vape Pens – Another type of vaporizer is the herbal vape pens that take raw flower and vaporizes it at a low temperature to prevent combustion. The cheap herbal vaporizers can get very hot and start to rise above 350°F, which may result in burning the plant and give you health issues. The benefit of using a herbal vape pen is all about the dosage. If patients accidentally ingest a higher dose, they may experience anxiety. With a herbal vape pen, you can make sure that you get the exact dosage. You may also load the vaporizer with different herbs for an aromatherapy effect.